Animals Cutting Work Bundle

This bundle includes 17 sets of animal themed files. The cost of these individual files is $34.50 - save $14.50 by purchasing this bundle.

Children love cutting paper! And it’s an excellent way to help develop the hand for printing (pencil manipulation). But learning to manipulate scissors takes a lot of practice. Cutting ‘snippets’ is easier for a child just learning to use scissors. These strips have both cutting lines and fun images that the children will enjoy. The variety of shapes and cutting patterns included offers different levels of challenges.


  1. amphibians
  2. animals
  3. birds
  4. butterflies
  5. cats
  6. continents & animals
  7. dinosaurs
  8. dogs
  9. fish
  10. frogs
  11. insects
  12. mammals
  13. monkeys
  14. pets
  15. reptiles
  16. sharks
  17. turtles

Each file includes:

  • 10 snippet cutting strips
  • 5 strips with variations of cutting lines
  • 6 different shapes

Once cut, the snippet strip images can be used in a variety of arts & crafts activities.

All files are in PDF format. The download is a zip file you must 'unzip' before using the individual PDFs.