Science Bundles

Animals of the World Information Cards Bundle (color-coded)

Photographic information cards for animals of Africa, Asia, Antarctica, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America. The cost of these individual files is $24.50 - save $5.50 by purchasing this bundle.

This work includes 77 photographic information cards. Each continent includes 1 title card and 11 information cards.

Each card includes:

  • animal name
  • photographic picture
  • small map with continent highlighted in color
  • type
  • diet
  • size
  • 1 interesting fact about the animal

Cards are approx. 5" x 3¾". Continents are highlighted using the traditional Montessori map colors.

This file is in PDF format. The download is a zip file you must 'unzip' before using the individual PDFs.