Bagpipes Nomenclature - Cards (red)

Bagpipe Nomenclature Cards are formatted for 3-part card use, with blackline master included. The 17 parts of the bagpipes: bagpipes, bag, chanter, chanter stock, blowpipe, blowpipe stock, bass drone, bass stock, bass bottom, mid bass, bass top, inside tenor drone, outside tenor drone, tenor stocks, tenor bottoms, tenor tops, and drone chords.The bagpipe is in color, the individual parts are highlighted in red.

  • 17 cards with labels (print twice for 3-part cards)
  • 1 blackline master

After the children have learned the individual parts they can create their own booklet by coloring and labeling the blackline master.

Cards are approx. 7¼" x 5".

This file is in PDF format.