Humpback Whale Nomenclature - Cards (red)

Humpback Whale Nomenclature Cards are formatted in a 3-part card series with black-line master included. The 12 parts of the humpback whale included are: humpback whale, eye, mouth, blowholes, baleen plates, ventral grooves, pectoral fins, dorsal fin, dorsal ridge, flukes, caudal peduncle, and tubercles. The individual parts are all shown in red.

  • 12 cards with labels
  • 12 cards without labels
  • 12 labels
  • 1 black-line master

Learn how to use Montessori nomenclature

Cards with label are approx. 7¾" x 3¾", cards without label are approx. ¾" shorter.

This file is in PDF format