Medieval Knight Picture Cards

Included: mail, basinet, shining sword, war sword, barbute, sallet, breastplate, close-helmet, pucker suit, hinged close-helmet, gauntlet, courtly gauntlets, burgonet, noble head for horse, armed knight, catapult, trebuchet, castle, lord, lady, reinforcement amor, lance, frog-mouthed helm, lancer's shield, foot-combat armor, pollax, crossbow, boar spear, halberd, puffed & slashed armor, half armor, buff coat, cuirassier, mace.

This material includes:

  • 1 brief information card
  • 34 types of medieval knights and knight paraphernalia 
These cards can be printed twice and made into a set of 3-Part Cards.
Cards are approx. 3½ x 3¼".
This file is in PDF format.